Breathe, relax and write



For all writers out there who know how hard it is to stay at the desk and putting down your thoughts I say “why not go away” – go someplace where you can be alone, go someplace where nature inspires your mine, go someplace and read, go someplace and find the words you need to start telling a story.

Whether you want to draw up a book or lay out ideas on your personal blog, sometimes you need to refresh your brain in order to let the words flow steadily. Writing is magic. You need to be in the right state of mind and believe you can do it in order for words to sprung out and form art.

A place that can inspire you and help you reconnect with yourself is the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca. Situated in the Balearic Sea, this is a wonderful place to get your thoughts together and break away from the routine to find new ideas and stories to write about. You can walk on the beach, talk to the locals, try new food and taste some wine. You can read a good book while enjoying the breeze and listening to the waves crashing on the shore.

For you to be able to fully enjoy the beauty of the place you also need great accommodation and we all know that in order for inspiration to occur you need a cozy private space where you can be yourself. Such holiday homes are provided by Vida Villas. This family owned business has a portfolio of over one thousand villas, townhouses and apartment for rent all across the island. Staying in a privately owned house guarantees travelers with the privacy and comfort a home can offer.

If you are on you own and want to be close by the beach and also to restaurants and the life of the city, you can choose one of Vida Villas apartments, such as Poerto Pollensa – Apartment Guru. This two bedroom apartment is near the beautiful sandy beach and also in proximity to shops and restaurants and it also has free Wi-Fi. So what else could you need? When you need to clear your thoughts you go to the beach, when you need to feel the vibes and energy of other people you go to a café bar or a restaurant. I forgot to mention, the apartment has quite a large balcony so when inspiration strikes, you can relax in a comfortable armchair and start putting down your thoughts.

And you know what, even if you won’t manage to write a good story while you are there, I am pretty sure you will have a great tale to tell when you get back home. Just trust yourself and if disconnecting feels like the perfect place to be inspired, go on a holiday. Take some time and breath… Go to Mallorca, it’s a wonderful place indeed. Meet new people, enjoy new experience and have some faith, inspiration will come.

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