• St Martin’s Courtyard silent cinema showcasing variety of British films

    St Martin’s Courtyard is proud to bring back London’s hottest ticket; Silent Cinema. The courtyard will be transformed into an open-­‐air movie theatre to showcase a series of British films, set in and directed by the UK. A full sized cinema screen will pop-­‐up for three nights under the stars during September showing a variety of iconic films representing the many facets of British cinema.

    Best of British will run on Tuesday 29th September, Wednesday 30th and Thursday 1st October. Choose between the hilarious horror ‘Cornetto’ comedy Shaun of the Dead starring comical genius’ Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (Tuesday 29th September), romantic drama Atonement with the beautiful Kiera Knightly and James McAvoy (Wednesday 30th September), or the life changing dance drama classic Billy Elliot (Thursday 01st October). Registration opens at 6pm and film starts at 7:30pm with a variety of themed live entertainment before the main feature. Look out for Zombies roaming the courtyard, 1940s soldiers and usherettes and a special performance from the cast of Billy Elliot.



    Tickets are free and will be allocated through an online prize draw at www.stmartinscourtyard.co.uk. Winners will be contacted one week prior to the screening and the ticket entities you and a plus one to the screening. If you’re not one of the lucky ones to win a pair of tickets, don’t panic -­‐ a small allocation will be available on a first come first served basis each night in the courtyard. Additionally, to guarantee one of the best seats in the house, you can also book in advance for dinner and a movie al-­‐fresco style at one of the many international restaurants in the courtyard. Choose from contemporary Thai restaurant Suda, British casual dining restaurant Bill’s, Italian favourite’s Jamie’s Italian and Dalla Terra that will all have headsets provided for diners who wish to dine under the stars with a specially curated pre-­‐theatre menu and optional take-­‐away boxed to enjoy infront of the big screen.

    Wireless headphones will be given to the 140 lucky winners for each screening and a cinema experience wouldn’t be the same without a selection of tasty treats to nibble on. The ticket includes free sweets, popcorn and a selection of soft drinks. Remember to bring blankets for snuggling and an umbrella just in case of a sudden September downpour! There is also an opportunity to win a pair of tickets to see Billy Elliot the musical with a raffle with London’s leading homelessness charity The Connection.

    VIP tickets are available online at www.stmartinscourtyard.co.uk now and general tickets will be live from the beginning of September.

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  • Regeneration City Blues exhibition at Seven Dials London

    Regeneration City Blues pop-up that launches in Seven Dials on the 13th August until 31st August.

    Jane Palm-Gold juxtaposes a celebration of the musical and creative cacophony of late 20th century London with the threat of its imminent silencing under the pile-driver of urban regeneration and corporate redevelopment.

    Admission: Free

    Where: 55 Neal Street, Seven Dials, London, WC2H 9PJ

    The Show: The exhibition explores the musical and subcultural milieu of London after the explosive coming-of-age of popular music in the early 1960’s and the contrast with today’s trend towards urban regeneration driven by multinational development corporations. Today, the older eating and drinking places, independent fashion markets, music related shops and businesses – locals that once incubated the likes of Rolling Stones, David Bowie and the Sex Pistols – are being squeezed out. Soaring land values producing a homogenised wasteland of brands and luxury apartments are threatening originality and vibrant, unpredictable ‘scenes’. ‘Sense of place’ is teetering on the edge of obliteration.

    RCB London Press Release-1

    Microsoft Word - London Press Release.doc

    Microsoft Word - London Press Release.doc

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  • The Architecture Gallery, RIBA SHowcasing Architect Andrea Palladio

    The Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio is the only architect who has given his name to a style; one that is still in use around the world after nearly 500 years. From the US Capitol to a 21st century Somerset cowshed Palladian Design: The Good, the Bad and the Unexpected introduces Palladio’s design principles and explores how they have been interpreted, copied and re-imagined across time and continents from his death in 1580 right up to the present day.

    Focusing on his legacy, RIBA’s exhibition explores how architects such as Inigo Jones and Lord Burlington turned Palladianism into a national style. The style was adopted in the design of houses, churches and public buildings around the world from New Delhi to Leningrad. Palladianism became so widespread that it seeped into peoples’ unconscious references and desires – elements were found popping-up in American Negro Churches and terraced housing and homes in the UK. The 20th century saw a revival of traditional Palladian mansions while the 21st century has seen his design principles being utilised in a more abstract way. The exhibition asks many questions about what makes a building ‘Palladian’ –does a building have to look classical to be Palladian? Is it the design principles or the social and political connotations of tradition, power and establishment that have led to the enduring popularity of the style?



    The exhibition is structured chronologically around three themes: revolution, evolution and the contemporary. It includes 50 original works, including drawings, models and busts.

    The first part of the exhibition introduces Palladio and outlines his unique system of architecture. It charts the development of Anglo-Palladianism from 17th Century England,  through to the transformation of Palladianism into a national style by the mid-18th century. It also explores the role of books in spreading Palladio’s ideas – both his own Four Books of Architecture and later publications that spread Palladian style beyond Britain. Highlights include Palladio’s A Design for a Palace (1540s) and projects for low-cost housing in Venice (1550s); original drawings by Inigo Jones include a preliminary design for the Queen’s House, Greenwich (1616); Colen Campbell’s original pen and wash design for Mereworth Castle, Kent (1723) and an original drawing of Lord Burlington’s Chiswick House (1729).

    The second part of the exhibition follows Palladio’s legacy worldwide in a series of themes that explore how others have either followed his guidelines to the letter or employed them more creatively. It looks at how Palladian design has been adopted for commercial viability and in the service of politics and religion – both in western countries and in colonial and post-colonial contexts. Away from the centres of power, people turned their hand to Palladian self-builds with anonymous builders using pattern books to fuse Palladian elements with local vernacular traditions. Highlights include the original 1721 model of St Martin-in-the-Fields church by James Gibbs, a perspective of Catherine the Great’s Pella Palace near St Petersburg by Ivan Starov (c.1786), a watercolour perspective of Stormont in Belfast by Sir Arnold Thornely (1927) and Palladio’s original designs for the Villa Valmarana (c. 1560) and the Palazzo Antonini (c.1560).

    The last section of the exhibition follows the story of 20th and 21st century Palladianism. Despite the rise of modernism, Palladianism survived in Britain and America as a domestic style both for landed families and the newly rich who commissioned grand classical homes to evoke a sense of history and confer status. Highlights include a linocut perspective of Kings Walden Bury, Essex by Raymond Erith and Quinlan Terry (1971) and photographs and models of houses built since the 1960s.



    The exhibition goes on to explore post-modern Palladianism, where the style has been referenced historically, playfully or ironically.  Key exhibits include works by Swedish architect Erik Asplund and Belgian architect Charles Vandenhove alongside other new buildings on the continent and in Canada. The exhibition ends by examining contemporary abstract Palladianism – buildings that contain no visual references to classical architecture but follow Palladian design principles in terms of proportion or planning. It asks whether a building has to look like a Palladian building in order to be one? It will include a newly commissioned film comparing Palladio’s Villa Caldogno with Brick House (2005) by Caruso St John and looks at a selection of contemporary buildings, ranging from a model of an underground house in Mongolia by OFFICE Architects to offices in Switzerland by Peter Märkli.

    The exhibition coincides with the 300th anniversary of the publication of two books key to the spread of Palladianism worldwide – Giacomo Leoni’s first full translation into English of Palladio’s I Quattro Libri dell’ Architettura and Colen Campbell’s survey of English architecture Vitruvius Britannicus, both published in 1715. These books paved the way for a flood of cheaper pattern books that enabled anyone, from Russian royalty to a American carpenters, to create Palladian designs.

    The RIBA Collections contain over 350 drawings and sketches by Andrea Palladio; the world’s largest assemblage of his drawings – 85% of all those in existence.

    The exhibition is designed by architects Caruso St John. The design takes its inspiration from the interior of Palladio’s villas and the way that his Four Books of Architecture have been used by generations of architects. The palette will reference Villa Caldogno’s frescos.

    Palladian Design is generously supported by the Blavatnik Family Foundation, The Headley Trust and the American Friends of the British Architectural Library

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  • ‘Rock Star Sheep’ Take Over London Flocking to Big Feastival

    A vibrant flock of multi-coloured ‘rock star sheep’ is taking over the capital, after a dynamic collaboration between a shearling retailer and a bespoke wood carver in London.

    The exciting collaborative arts project between Wildash London and Liz Mangles, is seeing sheep in all colours of the rainbow popping up across London, as they generate interest and exposure for the Big Feastival – which takes place during the last bank holiday weekend in August and is presented by none other than Jamie Oliver and Alex James.


    Rock Star Sheep


    Wildash London, which brings the finest shearling from the fashion industry into the home, using ethically-sourced materials, is providing the ‘clothing’ for these stylish sheep, while Liz Mangles creates the animal sculptures that will be modelling the shearling. The flock, which consists of a single full-sized ram, fourteen ewes and twenty-eight lambs, will be on display at the festival, each kitted out in vibrant, luxury shearling, with a sterling silver ‘tag’ engraved with their name and a number.

    Once the Big Feastival ends, the entire flock will then be up for sale – so lovers of quirky interior design and show-stopping focal points can get their hands on one of these bespoke rainbow sheep for own home or business.


    Rock Star Sheep2


    Nisa Berzeg, Creative Director of Wildash London, says, “Our technicolour flock is already attracting attention from all over the capital – after all, what’s more eye-catching than a pink sheep in a shop window? This collaboration with Liz Mangles is a really exciting one, and we’re thrilled to be showcasing the entire flock at Big Feastival.”

    She adds, “We’re developing ewes, rams and lambs in every colour of the rainbow, and they’ll all be up for sale once the festival is over – so if anyone has any requests or would like to reserve a sheep in a specific colour, feel free to get in touch with us at Wildash London!”


    Rock Star Sheep3


    When it’s not creating show-stopping sheep to be showcased all over the city, Wildash London is a premier purveyor of shearling, bringing it from the fashion world into the realm of interior design. Passionate about provenance, Wildash use only ethically-sourced, sustainable materials to create its luxury shearling home accessories.

    At Wildash, all products are handcrafted by specialist artisans and cooperatives from across the globe. The company offers social and economic empowerment to all of its suppliers, whether they’re creating hand-loomed silk or merino wool. This dedication to quality and ethics also imbues each and every item with its own sense of character, its own journey and its own story.

    For more information about Wildash London, Liz Mangles or the flock of ‘rock star sheep’ visit the website: http://www.ewedreamintechnicolour.co.uk/

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  • Charity launched to support the Marc Bolan School of Music for children of Sierra Leone

    The launch of the ‘Light of Love UK’ charity took place at Ognisko, Exhibition Road, Kensington, London with the Oscar-winning, 60s & 70s Motown sensation, Gloria Jones as host.

    The Light of Love UK, the charity established to raise funds to support the Marc Bolan School of Music, has officially been launched. Gloria Jones, the 1970s Motown sensation, Northern Soul singer famous for the original version of ‘Tainted Love’ and Marc Bolan’s partner, joined forces with Jed Dmochowski, a teacher and singer-songwriter, to set up the Light of Love charity to raise 40,000 pounds to build an inspirational new music and dance school in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

    The launch event took place in the main ballroom above Ognisko, Exhibition Road, Kensington, London, where friends and family of the late Marc Bolan, 70s glam rock legend and creator of T.Rex, joined together with talented artists from music, film, theatre, fashion and the arts. Harry Feld, Marc’s brother, brought some nostalgia to the event stating how proud Marc would have been of those who have supported the initiative so far, and how much Marc loved children.


    Gloria Jones hosts charity launch

    Gloria Jones hosts charity launch


    The celebratory event was made even more special as Marc Bolan enthusiasts, friends and fans attended to donate auction gifts, musical instruments for the school and money to help support the fundraising initiative. Donations included a shirt worn by Marc Bolan from T.Rex fan, Colm O’Connor; a guitar for the children attending the Marc Bolan School of Music donated by T.Rex fan, Mark Sheehan; a replica guitar donated by the Deborah Bonham Band; a cheque for £5,000 raised by various fundraising events; a truly inspiring and beautiful scarf designed exclusively for the launch from fashion house, Teatum Jones, and the presentation of a piece of land in Ghana as a basis for the next school to be built in West Africa, from Adjei Amaning.

    Gloria said, “I am so overwhelmed by the love, the kindness and the support that we have received. The charity cannot continue to do its good work without such generous offerings. We welcome all donations with open arms, whether it’s your skill, your time, your advice, your resources, gifts, money, auction prizes, or just the ability to spread the word. We are well on our way to raising the funds that we need to continue to build our school in Sierra Leone, in Marc’s name. We will bring music and dance to the most vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalised people, in a place that I hold so fondly in my heart, Sierra Leone, West Africa.”

    Supporting the cause is Bolans Architects, based in South London, who revealed the plans and designs for the school which will include an outdoor film school, music rooms, musical instruments, classrooms, a community cinema and a library. The school has been designed with community in mind, using a creative structure to enhance the practicalities of each room, including an open-air amphitheatre. The materials recommended are practical, functional and sensitive to the surroundings.

    All funds raised will be shared with the British Red Cross to continue to combat the Ebola crisis in the region. To make a donation, please visit: http://www.youcaring.com/nonprofits/the-bolan-walk-help-us-f…. For more information about the school, visit www.marcbolanschool.com.

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  • St Martin’s Courtyard’s Open Air Comedy Night Announced

    One night of free live comedy in St Martin’s open air Courtyard St Martin’s Courtyard is proud to  present the first free live al-­‐fresco comedy night in the heart of Covent Garden. Located just off Long Acre, the courtyard will be transformed into an open-­‐air comedy club  showcasing the sharpest comedic talent from across the country. For one night only a stage and 150
    theatre style seats will pop-­‐up for an evening of belly aching comedy.


    Aisling Bea

    Aisling Bea


    ‘Comedy in the Courtyard’ will take place on Thursday 30th July starting at 7:30pm with a stellar line up including one of  the fastest rising stars in the UK comedy circuit, British comedian and actor Joel Dommett. The fantastically charming radio  DJ and comedian Justin Moorhouse from Phoenix Nights and finally the incredibly funny and fearless Irish headliner, Aisling Bea, who has regular spots on Russell Howard’s Good News, McIntyre’s Roadshow, Live at the Apollo and starred in the award winning sketch show, Cardinal Burns.

    Hosting the evening will be the commanding compere Chris Gilbert, a veteran of five National Comedy Tours for the RAF in  addition to hosting events for Ricky Gervais, Michael McIntyre and Tim Vine.


    Justin Moorhouse

    Justin Moorhouse


    Tickets are free and available online at www.StMartinsCourtyard.co.uk through an online ballot. Winners will be contacted one week prior to the event and the ticket entitles the holder and a plus one, to a seat in the courtyard. If you’re not one of  the lucky ones to win a pair of tickets, don’t panic – a small allocation will be available on a first come, first served  basis from 6:30pm on the night. Heckling is guaranteed for late arrivals!

    Tell us your best joke on Twitter and Facebook for the chance to win a pair of VIP tickets. We have 70 pairs of tickets to  give away and 5 pairs of VIP tickets.


    Joel Dommett

    Joel Dommett


    Italian wine bar Dalla Terra will be offering a selection of delicious wine & bubbles to purchase throughout the evening at t heir pop-­‐up bar with a larger selection available in house.

    For your chance to win a pair of VIP tickets to the evening, follow St Martin’s Courtyard on twitter @SMCCoventGarden and  keep checking the website for more information, giveaways and opportunities to win.

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  • Events

    Ticketbis’ Essential guide for Wimbledon 2015

    Fun facts and trivia relating to this year’s championship

    With Wimbledon 2015 just around the corner fans are getting ready to enjoy another fascinating fortnight of action at the oldest and most historic of the four Grand Slams.

    This year’s tournament runs from Monday 29th June until Sunday 12th July and fans can still get tickets if they have their wits about them.

    Total prize money for the players has risen by 7%. That means £1.88m each is on offer for the Singles Champions and Novak Djokovic and Petra Kvitová will be fighting hard to defend their titles.

    Ahead of the tournament Ticketbis.net have compiled an essential guide for Wimbledon 2015, including some fun facts about the history and the modern day goings on at the Championships.

    Did you know only seven Championships have been recorded as being without rain interruptions since 1922? Those were 1931, 1976, 1977, 1993, 1995, 2009, 2010.




    Read on to find out more!


    The Ladies’ Singles Plate has been contested since 1886, whilst the Men’s Singles (Challenge Cup) has been disputed since 1887.

    Current champions

    Novak Djokovic (Gentlemen’s Singles)

    Petra Kvitová (Ladies’ Singles)


    More than 750 players will participate (757 in 2014 including qualifying)

    Prize Money for 2015

    Singles Champions: £1.88m

    Total: £26.75m


    Total attendance for 2014 Championships: 491,084.

    Up to 39,000 spectators per day.


    660 during fortnight

    Longest Match 

    2010, Court 18, played over three days

    John Isner (USA) beat Nicolas Mahut (FRA) 6-4, 3-6, 6-7 (7), 7-6 (3), 70-68

    11 hours 5 mins duration

    Final set lasted 8hrs 11mins.

    Most Aces in one championship

    Men: 212 – Goran Ivanisevic (CRO) 2001

    Ladies: 57 – Alexandra Stevenson (USA) 1999, Serena Williams (USA) 2008

    Fastest Ever Serve at Wimbledon

    Men: 148mph – Taylor Dent – 2010

    Women: 129mph – Venus Williams – 2008

    English Summer Weather

    Only seven Championships have been recorded as being without rain interruptions since 1922: 1931, 1976, 1977, 1993, 1995, 2009, 2010.


    19 Championships grass courts (Centre Court, Court Number 1, plus 17 more). There is no court number 13!


    Championships playing height 8mm.


    Rufus, a Harris Hawk, visits the Club most weeks in the year to provide a deterrent to local pigeons.


    54,250 used during The Championships period

    No thank you

    Fans have been told by Wimbledon’s organisers they can leave their selfie sticks at home, whilst of course the players must avoid wearing bright coloured clothes and keep to mainly white shirts and shorts or skirts.

    Getting tickets


    The 2015 Queue starts at 8am on Sunday 28 June. Only a few tickets are available each day for the show courts.

    Ground tickets

    Buy tickets on the day for standing room and unreserved seating across courts 3-19. But you cannot get into Centre Court or Courts 1 or 2.

    Go online

    Get resold Debenture day tickets through sites like Ticketbis.net


    Go in for the Ballot run by All England Lawn Tennis Club. Write to AELTC (P.O. BOX 98, London SW19 5AE) for ballot form, but this has to be sent by December of previous year. Your chances of getting tickets are around 1 in 10.

    Royal box

    Wimbledon’s Royal Box has 74 seats and getting an invite into this elite area is tricky but President Clinton has managed it and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has found a way in for life!

    Become a Member

    Join the All England Lawn Tennis Club. There are 375 members, 100 temporary Members elected each year. If you have been good enough to win Wimbledon you can be invited!

    Become a Debenture Holder

    Sign a cheque for about £50,000 for Centre Court Debentures, or £20,000 for Court number 1 and send it to Wimbledon! Debentures only happen every five years.


    There are 12 tournaments held annually as part of the Championships:

    Gentlemen’s Singles

    Ladies’ Singles

    Gentlemen’s Doubles

    Ladies’ Doubles

    Mixed Doubles

    Boys’ Singles

    Girls’ Singles

    Boys’ Doubles

    Girls’ Doubles

    Wheelchair Gentlemen’s Doubles

    Wheelchair Ladies’ Doubles

    Gentlemen’s Senior Invitation Doubles


    At the largest single annual sporting catering operation in Europe, these quantities are supplied by Championships’ caterers over the fortnight of play.

    350,000 cups of tea and coffee

    230,000 glasses of Pimm’s

    100,000 pints of draught beer and lager

    142,000 portions of English strawberries

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  • Seven Dials’ upcoming Spotlight open air free music, arts and culture festival in London

    Seven Dials, London’s go to fashion, lifestyle and restaurant destination announces the date for Spotlight, a free one-­‐day festival of arts, music and culture. On Saturday 15th August, 12 noon until 7pm the area will be transformed in to a traffic free alfresco hot spot celebrating arts and entertainment.

    The open-­‐air stage will be positioned next to the Seven Dials monument, showcasing an impressive line-­‐up of theatre, dance, comedy and
    music performances. Visitors can enjoy the pop-­‐up lawn around the Dial complete with deck chairs and garden games.



    In between the performances, shop the selection of independent boutiques and flagship stores to discover a series of indoor and outdoor promotions
    and activities. Refuel at one of the many top restaurants, bars and cafes, including Tredwell’s, Kopapa, Earlham Street Clubhouse and Homeslice
    to name a few.

    Earlham Street will be transformed into a foodie’s paradise, lined with some of your favourite street vendors and Seven Dials bars and restaurants,
    offering a selection of vibrant street food.

    Don’t forget to SAVE THE DATE and put it in your diary for the perfect day out with family and friends.

    Head to SevenDials.co.uk for more up to date information.

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  • TheatreBreaks.com’s six West End musicals bringing back swinging sixties

    TheatreBreaks.com is rolling back the years and conjuring up the spirit of 1960’s London, with a series of ticket and hotel packages for six West End musicals that, between them, feature over 200 songs from the Swinging Sixties.

    The 60’s is probably one of the best loved musical eras and, with many bands and iconic tunes currently celebrating their 50thanniversary, it is no surprise that there are plenty of opportunities to experience the sights and sounds of Swinging London!




    Currently there are five shows in London with 60’s roots: Jersey Boys , Let It Be , Sunny Afternoon , Beautiful and The Commitments (although The Commitments is set later, most of the music is still unashamedly 60’s).

    Theatre Breaks has also just announced that short breaks are also now on sale for the Broadway smash hit musical Motown – the musical which opens in February 2016. It tells the fascinating story of how Berry Gordy created the sound of Motown and, not only influenced the music industry, but also crossed political and racial divides, to bring people together in music.


    Swinging Sixties


    The 60’s and its music helped form the world we now live in, so I am so excited that visitors can now come to London and get such a taste of that decade: its music, what it celebrated and what it stood for!” says Simon Harding of TheatreBreaks.com

    Personally, I was only born in the 60’s so I didn’t know much about it at the time, but the fabulous music from these shows has always been part of my life.   “Stop in the Name of Love” and “Nowhere to Run” on the Tamla Motown label and the Beatles’ “Ticket To Ride” were in the charts in the UK the week I was born and, coincidentally, it was the same week that The Kinks’ Davies brothers had their famous falling out in Cardiff which ended in the drummer knocking out Dave!


    Swinging Sixties2


    Theatre and hotel packages start at less than £100 per person including top price ticket and accommodation based on two people sharing a twin or double room and Theatre Breaks offers discounts on optional rail travel too, so it doesn’t cost the earth to get to London either!

    Further information on Theatre Breaks’ Swinging Sixties Packages is at http://www.theatrebreaks.com/blog/london-musicals-with-songs-from-the-60s

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  • New Minicabster App Gets You A Cab In An Instant

    The release of the brand new Minicabster app today means that Londoners are never more than two taps away from the city’s most reliable and affordable minicabs. Packed with a range of exciting new features, the dynamic new app is set to revolutionise urban transport, and cement Minicabster as the go-to provider of minicab comparison and booking.

    Built purely with the user in mind, passengers now have the ability to save their favourite addresses as tiles on the start screen so wherever they are, comparing fares is simply one tap away. Minicabster is perfect for the regular travellers as the instant quote comparison puts passengers ‘in the driving seat’, with the ability to choose what type of vehicle they’d like, what price, and even browse the operator ratings before booking.




    The app’s product and development was lead by Irshad Khan, Business Lead/Head of Technology at Minicabster who previously has worked for successful startups such as Just Eat, Blink Box and Adobe Shockwave. The new app was designed based on customer feedback, which overwhelmingly found that usability was one of the key criteria for the app – and the new design delivers. Ordering a cab to your location takes just two taps, and users can store their card details within the app, so there’s no need to get caught short without any cash.

    Another key benefit of the app is up-front pricing – Minicabster believe in transparency, so their passengers will never be faced with an unexpected bill when they arrive at their destination. The app allows users to get a confirmation of the cost of their journey before booking, so they can find the cheapest option and know that the cab provider will honour the quote. Getting caught in traffic can be a financial nightmare when you’re in a black cab or metered cab – but Minicabster provides concrete quotes, so passengers won’t pay a penny more on arriving at their destination.




    Sadie Gee, Business Lead at Minicabster says, “The new app is in perfect alignment with our company ethos – we wanted an app that was fast, convenient and reliable, with plenty of features that put our passengers first. The typical Minicabster user tends to make the same journeys regularly, so we incorporated the ‘address tiles’ into the new app, meaning wherever passengers are, they can find the price to get home with literally one tap. With Minicabster, people can compare the most reliable local providers, pre-book journeys in advance or request an immediate minicab, save their favourite journeys and get confirmed quotes. We’ve deliberately made the app as simple as possible, so getting the best deal for any journey is as easy as possible, and everyone can spend more time focusing on the more exciting things – like where they’re off to!”




    The new features unveiled by Minicabster are the result of in-depth research into the demands and needs of minicab users all over the country. Up-front pricing, the ability to pre-book journeys and the option to save journeys to the app were all sought-after features for regular minicab users, and Minicabster prides itself on its ability to listen to what passengers want from the service. The brand new app addresses these basic passenger needs and provides simple solutions to each of their demands.

    Gee adds, “All of the new features in the app were created with the passenger in mind – we constantly strive to ensure we offer the most reliable, punctual, and competitively priced service for our customers, from booking to arrival.”

    With the launch of the new app, Minicabster has set itself firmly on the road to success, putting passengers’ needs first and listening to the feedback of existing users to ensure their service meets every demand. The truly twenty-first century travel app is now a one-stop-shop for all journeys – whether they’re for business or pleasure.

    For more information about Minicabster, visit the website or download the app: http://www.minicabster.co.uk

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